Mobile Climbing Tower

Fundraising Target $70,000

A number of years ago we had to take our existing climbing tower out of service due to the age and condition of the tower. Frost had been heaving the tower around and after assessment, it was easy to see that repairing it was not going to be the best use of donor money. After an exhaustive search and quotes upwards of a quarter million dollars, we began a new approach. This brought us to a “mobile” climbing tower which is a tower on its own trailer. There is no need for costly geotech surveys as it will just sit on top of the ground. The more we looked at it the more we saw even more opportunities like being able to take it into more remote communities and set it up with some other portable activities and run similar to a Day Camp. We can also set up at other local events, or schools. 

Staff/Volunteer Cabin

Fundraising Target $30,000

Many years ago we needed to stop using a multi-room housing unit due to its age, mold, etc. Since then we have been strapped to house the many volunteers and workers who help keep our ministry going each week. This cabin will be the first step to help us meet our needs.

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